Rinconada WTP Electrical Upgrades

BCI was recently awarded a $3.8 million dollar contract to upgrade the aging primary electrical, standby power, and PLC systems at the Rinconada WTP in Los Gatos, CA. Originally 4 separate projects, this larger, combined project allows BCI the ability to coordinate and execute work that involves all 4 aspects of of work simultaneously during limited shutdown windows. The work includes:
1. Replacement of reconfiguration of 12kV, 2.4kV, and 480V distribution switchgear, transformers, cabling, and conduits.
2. Replacement of various smaller “dowstream” UPS units with (4) New 50kVA “upstream” UPS units with Static Bypass Cabinets, Battery Cabinets, and associated conduit and wiring.
3. Reconfiguration of a 1500kW 480V Standby Generator and 480-12kV Step Up Transformer. This work includes various civil aspects, including concrete foundations, footings, construction of a sound wall, landscaping, as well as underground piping and electrical ductbanks.
4. Replacement of PLC cabinets with (N) centralized PLC control cabinets, along with associated “trunk” cabling between PLC cabinets and Remote I/O cabinets throughout the plant.

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