New Main Office

Various points during the construction of our new Pleasanton office.


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SFPUC Southeast WPCP Disinfection Upgrades

Below are photos depicting the installation of conduits under the building slab for the new electrical and control building.


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BART Substation RRY Project

Work is progressing at the BART Richmond Yard Substation Replacement Project. Work includes installation of district furnished DC Switchgear and Transformer on top of a new poured in place cable vault at at existing active maintenance yard. The picture below shows the close proximity of the work in relation to the existing equipment, as well as the trains and active tracks.20160112_07222920160112_110346


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EBMUD Rate Control Station Rehab

BCI recently completed a project for EBMUD that involved rehabilitating electrical and mechanical components at 2 rate control station locations. Below are some pictures depicting the installation of a 24″ ball valve, as well as electrical upgrades. Replacement of the 24″ ball valve was completed during a short duration shutdown of the pipeline. 20160803_14032920160803_14261720160803_14320420160803_170134

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Gilroy WWTP Preanoxic Basin Project

Work is nearing completion at the WWTP upgrade project in Gilroy, CA. The picture below depicts some of the installation work for a new 21kv Substation to power the new MCC’s, Oxidation Ditch 200HP Blowers, and Distribution Panels.


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SFPUC Groundwater Supply Well Stations

Work is continuing at the (5) Groundwater Well Sites in San Francisco. Below are progress pictures depicting work at some of the locations.

20160615_080428 20160615_08045020160322_10110020160831_11291320160914_11393320160502_13571720160914_105949

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SJWPCP Digester Gas Compressor Project

BCI recently installed HVAC systems to support the new Disgester Gas Compressors being installed at the San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant. Below are some pictures showing this installation work. 2016-08-17-img_1414 2016-08-17-img_14172016-07-15-img_7138 2016-07-15-img_7140

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BART Transformer Replacement Projects

BCI recently completed the removal, replacement, and relocation work for (12) 34.5kv transformers throughout BART system. Below are pictures showing some of the installation work and tight working spaces. Work had to be coordinated closely with BART to prevent shutting down any active BART systems. Operating system delays carry liquidated damages that top $35,000 per hour! 20150910_07252720150910_07253920151120_07071220151201_113729


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Folsom Dam Project Update

Progress pictures from Folsom Dam project. Conduits along the spillway have been installed and this fourth phase of the project is nearing completion.img_1036capture

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San Jose Water Company – Vickery Tank Project

Progress picture from the Vickery Tank Project.  Work consists of constructing 2 prestressed concrete tanks totaling 7.8 MG of storage capacity. BCI’s scope includes electrical and instrumentation work.

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