Pumping Plant Control Systems Rehab

This project, located along the Sutter Bypass Canal, involved the rehabilitation of (3) Pumping Plants, along with associated modifications at the Sutter Maintenance Yard. Work included installation of retaining walls, concrete slabs, CMU walls, equipment foundation pads, grounding grids, installation of standby generators, transfer switches, prefabricated control buildings, SCADA and communications equipment, and 480V switchgear. Work also included installation of temporary generators and switchboards to operate the pumping plants while the electrical infrastructure work was being replaced.

P1000025 P1000011 IMG_20110630_104119 IMG_0437 IMG_0426 IMG_0408 IMG_0371 PP1 Building - On Truck Picture 016 P1050961 P1000833 P1000723 P1000570 P1000131 P1000101 P1050725 P1050718