SCVWD – Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Electrical Improvements


The Rinconada Water Treatment Plant is the 2nd largest of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s 3 water treatment plants. With up to 80MGD of treatment and delivery capacity, the SCVWD services residential and commercial users in the west valley. Faced with aging electrical infrastructural, SCVWD needed to upgrade critical distribution and backup-power supply equipment in order to maintain plant reliability. Originally 3 separate contracts, this combined contract consisted of 3 major portions of work:

1. Primary Electrical System Improvement
2. Standby Power System Upgrade
3. Trunk Cables Replacement

The Primary Electrical System Improvement portion of work consisted of demolition of (E) electrical distribution equipment, UPS’s, and installation of new 12kV Metal Clad Switchgear, 1,500kVA 12kV – 2.4kV Liquid Filled Transformers, 1000/1333kVA 12kV – 480V Dry Type Transformers, 480V Metal Enclosed power circuit breaker switchgear, and power monitoring equipment.

The Standby Power System Upgrade portion of work consisted of site work, concrete foundations & footings to allow for relocation and reconfiguration of an (E) standby 2,000kW generator into a permanent application. Work included relocation of the existing fuel tank and transformer, as well as underground piping, ductbanks, installation of a sound wall, and landscaping.

The Trunk Cables portion of work consisted of demolition of (E) trunk and drop cables from (E) Plant PLC’s to RIO cabinets, installation of a new PLC cabinet, trunk and drop cabling, and relocation of (E) PLC’s into the new cabinet.

This project was completed in 2012 and was valued at approximately $4,000.000.

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