Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

The Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant is the largest construction project ever undertaken by the Sacramento County Water Agency. With total construction costs totaling approximately $255 million, this brand new 50MGD plant features state of the art control and solids handling systems, and an infrastructure to support a future expansion to 100MGD. The plant allows the SCWA to practice conjunctive use of its groundwater and surface water supplies, which allows the groundwater basin to recharge to sustainable yields during wet years.

The LEED Gold certified plant processes consist of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and chlorine disinfection. A 24 million gallon chlorine contact tank / clearwell provides final disinfection and reservoir storage for enhancing distribution system operation. The treated water pump station is equipped with electrical infrastructure for over 6,000 HP of treated water pumping. The plant features a 2.6MGD solids handling process consisting of filter waste washwater clarification and solids thickening, followed by solids dewatering via centrifuges. The plant also has an Emergency Power System consisting of (3) Standby Generators totaling 3.8 megawatts of backup power, as well as a 28,000 sq. ft. Warehouse / Shop Building.

The VSWTP project site includes a brand new 38,000 sq. ft. Administration and Operations Building, which will will serve as the new hub of SCWA’s organization. The building is designed to consolidate several SCWA departments that were previously located in several locations throughout the County. The Control Room located within the Administration building allows plant staff to operate the Freeport Regional Water Authority Raw Water Intake, the Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant, and about 80 remote facilities in the water distribution system and drainage collection system.

BCI’s scope of work, valued at approximately $35,000,000, included the installation of electrical and instrumentation systems, which included installation of medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage ductbanks, power distribution, MCCs, (2) 1500kVA generators, (1) 800 kVA generator, 500 HP medium voltage VFDs, multiple power centers, instrumentation systems, SCADA, lighting, fiber optics, security /  CCTV, gate controllers, fire alarm, and telephone & data systems.